Specialization in parallel processing techniques and distribution began to demonstrate how the company was cutting a very prominent role in the regional and national installations of expanding its processing and distribution of energy for customers "excellent".

Date back to the 80 installations at the headquarters of the "Republic" in Rome, the headquarters of "The Gazzettino" in Mestre, fuel systems of satellite television for major national broadcasters, the substations at the Aviano Air Force Base became concrete achievements for the company Toffoli.
In the period to follow Promotour developed for the installation of the lifts of the ski areas of Friuli.
Same time take the form partnerships with leading regional and national industry groups. The wood processing industries, for the processing of plastics, for food production, and structures for commercial activities, are all examples of how the Toffoli has always met the many demands in various fields of action.
Even in the public sector you operate in multiple realities, such as the Teatro Zancanaro, The Palamicheletto, streetlights, examples of how, over the years, the company was honored by the confidence of excellent names and reality.

The use of well-prepared workers and technical experts has increasingly allowed the company to implement ungruppo united and rapid troubleshooting and installation of new equipment and solutions.

Our prerogative is to intervene quickly, proposing new solutions and guaranteed, offering implementations sized and proportioned to the demands of the customer.

The cornerstones of the new corporate strategy is, in the early years of the new millennium, focused towards the reorganization and consolidation of internal structure, information systems, inter-office communication systems (IP PBXs) and ISO9001 quality certification.

The training has taken and is taking a key role within the company, at all levels, in order to remain competitive and always ready to market needs we want to keep up to date and forward-looking allowing the strengthening of the technical link more and more important of the technical and commercial requirements.
The specialization allows us to offer value-added services and facilities, was created by customers of the need for security and cost control / power consumption. Market entrants and alternative energy for home automation, structured cabling over copper and fiber optic become a daily reality of sizing and installation.

In collaboration with our suppliers over the years we studied and implemented various solutions for home automation, to control the security (alarms and video surveillance analog and IP) for communication (digital PBX IP) in the spread of multimedia (HDMI systems and salt Congress) and in industry with a solution that brings us ever nearer to the Global Offer, in the name of the technology and quality.

In the field of voice and data communications, the company is investing resources to ensure that their technicians are always up and ready to meet the demands in terms of control technology.