70's: Birth of the Toffoli
Born as a company that has focused since the beginning sull'impiantistica a certain structure and quality. Immediately the vocation was to specialize in the study and dimensioning of electrical installations for small and medium industries. With a vision that always lively and attentive to the news and technology integration for new applications.
Date back to the seventies the first industrial automation projects. It was when the PLC and programmable logic allowed the management of production processes, automation and technical contacts in the relay. Applications such as the management with the sequencing of the transport system grinds to Sinf and was one of the first plants and was in fact made by these analog techniques.

The company has also been characterized in technical support. From the beginning the training of our technicians has been characterized by rapid and effective solutions that are sized to meet the residents.

The contribution of our workers and help from the best suppliers, has allowed the period to follow to implement a fully stocked shop selling electrical equipment, was founded in 1982, Emporio Electric Toffoli: a reference point for all professionals in the territory of ' electrical installation and for individuals.
The idea to focus even in the retail service, where always the competence, courtesy and professionalism have accompanied grids produced well-defined partnerships with suppliers and territorial identification has vindicated the idea of ​​offering a business service the unique added value.
With the help of a vast catalog of products and the activities of a major procurement, the company presides over the distribution channel of electrical equipment and everything is automated. From Home to the most sophisticated solutions for the automatic control in any industry.